APC Board of Directors



Chairman:  Collins McNeill, MC McNeill & Co.

Vice Chairman:  Donald Chase, Georgia Peanut Commission

Secretary/Treasurer:  Anne-Marie DeLorenzo, Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Jamie Brown, Olam Peanut Shelling Co. (Sheller)

Tim Burch, Georgia Peanut Commission (Grower)

Dell Cotton, Virginia Peanut Growers Association(Grower)

Greg Harnish, Birdsong Peanuts (Sheller)

Clint Piper, Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts (Sheller)  

John Powell, American Peanut Shellers Association (Sheller)

Brian Reed, The JM Smucker Company (Manufacturer)

Paul Rogers, National Peanut Board (Grower/NPB Chairman)

Rachel Santos, Premium Peanut (Sheller)

Joel Sirmon, Alabama Peanut Producers Association (Grower)

Kimmi Wernli, Crazy Richards (Manufacturer)

Larry Womack, Texas Peanut Producers Board (Grower)

Chairman, Peanut Foundation

Jack Davis, JLA

Representative, National Peanut Board

Paul Rogers, Virginia Representative


Carl Sanders, Alabama Peanut Producers Association

Ken Barton, Florida Peanut Producers Association

Larry Ford, Florida Peanut Producers Association

Don Koehler, Georgia Peanut Commission

Rodney Dawson, Georgia Peanut Commission

Joe Boddiford, Georgia Peanut Commission

Donald Chase, Georgia Peanut Commission

Ross Kendrick, Georgia Peanut Commission

Les Crall, National Peanut Board

Tom Corcoran, National Peanut Board

Lonnie Fortner, National Peanut Board 

Casey Cox, National Peanut Board

Greg Baltz, National Peanut Board 

Ashley Collins, North Carolina Peanut Growers Assn.

Marianne Catalano, South Carolina Peanut Board

Otis Johnson, Texas Peanut Producers Board

Larry Don Womack, Texas Peanut Producers Board

Jeff Roper, Texas Peanut Producers Board


Charles Birdsong, Birdsong Peanuts

Darlene Cowart, Birdsong Peanuts

Robert Crumpler, Birdsong Peanuts

Dirk Lindsey, Coastal Growers

Lupe de Lira, Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts

Blair Hillen, Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts

Patricia Moody, Olam Peanut Shelling Co.

Miriam Crosby, Peanut Institute/APSA

Karl Zimmer, Premium Peanut

Byron Warnken, Wilco Peanut

John Gray, Williston Peanuts


Jack Pattengale, Clements Foods Company

Bob Sauer, Hormel/Planters

Michael Campagna, John B. Sanfilippo

James Brown, Luray Peanut Company

Brandon Underwood, Once Again Nut Butter

Lee Zalben, Peanut Butter & Company


Collins McNeill, MC McNeill & Co.

Stuart Franklin, Mazur & Hockman Inc.

Tyron Spearman, National Peanut Buying Points Assn. 

Hugh Nall, Southern Ag Carriers

A  P  C    I  N  T  E  R  N  A  T  I  O  N  A  L

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