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As an international trading company, how big of a part do peanuts play in world trading?

Interra International recently added nuts and peanuts to our product portfolio, which has experienced significant growth over the past few years. Peanuts are a major component of our nuts desk, which includes cashews and almonds. For Interra International, Ltd., our nuts desk compliments and adds diversity to our 35 years of experience trading rice, sugar, pulses, and dairy products.

What are some of the largest commodities that you currently trade?

Interra International has six main commodity departments, which are sugar, rice, dairy, pulses, proteins, and nuts. We trade these products across the world from our headquarters in Chapel Hill, NC and via affiliate offices in France, Mexico, Canada, China, India, and Korea. Sourcing from and supplying to multiple markets provides access to valuable information and builds both regional and global perspectives. In addition, through the combined volume of commodities we trade, a valuable competitive logistical advantage is also created through integrated freight savings.

Can you describe the process of working with peanut growers to the final destination for the crops?

On the supply side, Interra International, Ltd. has close relationships with shellers in the U.S., Argentina, India and Brazil. While U.S. peanuts account for the majority of our volume, dealing with other sourcing origins provides us with a macro view of the peanut market. On the demand side, having access to information in destination markets allows us to intelligently communicate and provide value to our suppliers. As a trader, we pay for and take complete ownership and title of the product. Our in-house logistics team moves the product from the shelling plant to our buyer’s destination, which can be as close as Mexico, to South Africa or China. We add value through bearing and navigating the inherent risks in international trade, and providing that necessary liquidity to the market.

Where are your largest markets for peanuts?

During calendar year 2015, China has been our largest market. Interra International benefits from having three offices in China, with local personnel that understand the market and how to manage its inherent risks. Colombia and Eastern Europe have also become very important components of our peanut portfolio. Every market is unique and has its own risk and cultural profile. Interra International’s staff of traders, are often native to countries in which we do business, and speak over ten different languages.

Interra International belongs to several associations. How important are associations for your global growth plans?

Associations provide a good platform to build relationships with industry stakeholders, as well as valuable market information, which assists in making sound business decisions.

What do you hope to achieve from working with the American Peanut Council?

We hope to gain access to more potential international customers and further develop and grow our business.

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