Clements Foods Company

An interview with Clements Foods Company


1. How long has Clements Foods Company been producing peanut butter?

Clements Foods Company has been in business since 1952 serving retailers, wholesalers and food service distributors. The company is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with a manufacturing facility located in Lewisville, Texas. Clements manufactures processed and preserved food products. Some of its product lines include jams, syrups, sauces and, of course, peanut butter. Clements began manufacturing peanut butter in 1992.

2. Where do you procure your peanuts? Do you use all U.S. origin peanuts?

Clements uses all U.S. grown peanuts, primarily from the southeast and southwest regions. We enjoy working with peanut growers and over the years have established great relationships.

3. Can you explain the process from procuring peanuts to producing peanut butter?

clements foodOur corporate office in Oklahoma City establishes the contracts for peanuts throughout the year. The peanuts are released through our brokers by the plant manager at our plant in Lewisville, TX. We test our peanuts for any aflatoxin contamination, so we know the consumer will be able to enjoy a safe and healthy product. These peanuts are then manufactured into peanut butter for our clients.

4. Where do you sell your peanut butter? Private label brands?

Our peanut butter is sold worldwide through our brokers and salesmen. The majority of our peanut butter is used for private label companies.

5. How has being a member of APC helped your business?

Being a member of APC has helped strengthen our peanut butter business. Our team participates in various governmental task forces, and we can network with leaders in the industry at various meetings. It helps us get to know all the individuals that work throughout the various segments of the peanut industry.

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